Donation FAQ’s

Where does the money go?
Nearly 70% of our expenses each year go toward animal care. This means that there is not a lot of money left over for general maintenance of our
facilities, payment of our dedicated shelter staff, education and adoption events, fundraising activities, and public relations.
Where does our funding come from?
The bottom line is we need your help to save lives! The majority of our budget comes from our selfless donors and members of our organization. We are also very thankful for the Wood County Commissioners, who pay the salary of our full-time Humane Agent annually.
Can I make a donation in memory of a loved one-including a pet?
Of course! Donations in memory or in honor of a pet or person make a thoughtful and lasting gesture of kindness. Unless otherwise noted, donations
made in memory or, or in honor of will be included in the WCHS quarterly newsletter.
How do I become a member of the Wood County Humane Society?
Individuals who donate $30 or more to the WCHS will be considered members. Members receive the quarterly newsletter, and have voting
privelages at the annual meeting. Click here for membership details.
Are there specific giving levels?
Yes, the giving levels are as follows:
Life Membership: $1500
Animal Angel: $500
Pet Patron: $250
Pet Pal: $100
Pet Sponsor: $45
Annual Membership: $30
I would like to make a donation through my company. Are there giving levels for businesses or corporations?
Yes, the annual giving levels are as follows:
Gold Sponsorship: $1500+
Silver Sponsorship: $1,000-$1,499
Bronze Sponsorship: $500-$999
How can I donate?
If you would like to make an online donation, please click here.
If you would like to make an offline donation, please click here to download and print a membership form. Please make your check payable to: Wood
County Humane Society and mail the check to the address on the form.
All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.