Wood County Humane Society to participate in mentorship initiative

The Wood County Humane Society (WCHS) has been selected as one of the first shelters in the nation to participate in a newly-launched, innovative initiative by the Humane
Society of the United States (HSUS).

Called The Shelter Ally Project, this new initiative pairs one of HSUS’s Emergency Placement Partners, like WCHS, with a shelter in need located somewhere in the continental United States in order to provide much-needed mentorship to the host shelter. In particular, this initiative is designed to assist shelters in streamlining operational practices and locating necessary resources in order to reduce the number of animals annually euthanized in shelters.

According to the HSUS website, approximately 4000 animals are euthanized each year in U.S.-based shelters.

WCHS will work with the Clarke County Animal Shelter in Grove Hill, Alabama. Two representatives from WCHS will travel to the Alabama-based shelter later this month and work for a week with the staff of the shelter, sharing both knowledge and resources in order to help the partnering organization improve its practices and better serve its community. WCHS representatives include Shelter Manager Erin Moore and Volunteer/Outreach Coordinator April McCurdy.

When asked to explain the need for such an initiative, Kimberly Alboum, Director of Shelter Outreach and Policy Engagement with HSUS stated, “There are still many shelters that are overwhelmed and want to change, but need outside support, both in the form of funding and guidance, to help animals in their community in the most effective way possible.”

Alboum went on to note, “We’re very excited that we and our placement partners will be giving shelters that want to improve the opportunity and, most importantly, the support necessary to do so.”