Barn Cat Program

Barn cats are the “Clint Eastwood’s” of cats… hearty, healthy, tough and ready  to earn their keep! Barn cats help “naturally” and affordably control rodent problems. By placing these barn cats, they are given a job and second chance doing what they do best. Barn cats save you money by eliminating and discouraging rodents from scavenging and nesting near your feed, crops, and home, without poisons or messy traps and glue pads. You provide the food,water, shelter, and basic humane care for the barn cats in exchange for a rodent free barn and property. We strongly encourage placing two or more cats at a time. You won’t have to worry about any unwanted litters since all the barn cats are sterilized before placement. Theyare also current on all vaccines as well. 
Why consider this program?

1. YOU can save shelter cats while getting “organic” rodent control 

2. YOU help our non-profit, animal shelter by freeing up space for more cats 

3. AND… it’s free! 

Please contact the shelter to check on barn cat availability, then fill out an application to be considered for this program. Questionnaires can be emailed to the Manager, faxed, mailed, or dropped off at the shelter in person during our adoption hours.
Also check out the acclimation video on how to safely introduce new/feral cats to your barn!