Food Assistance

We all love our pets and know what type of support they can offer us, especially when times get tough. That is why we are pleased to offer pet food and cat litter assistance to Wood County residents and their pets in need. Our food and cat litter bank is large enough to help a few families each week, but unfortunately it is not large enough to help the same homes on a regular basis. We will do what we can to help you and your companions as you recover. We also offer food assistance for care-takers of free-roaming cat colonies to encourage spaying and neutering, and continual care of these felines. If you need help with an owned pet, please fill out the Pet Food Assistance Application. If you need help feeding a free-roaming cat or colony, please fill out the Free-Roaming Cat Food Assistance Application. Food assistance is only offered during adoption hours. If you are new to the program, please print and fill out an application and bring your driver’s license during adoption hours so that a staff member can review your application.