Safe Pets

In connection with the Cocoon Shelter, a local non-profit dedicated to providing safety, healing, and justice for battered women and their children, our shelter offers a SAFE Pet haven for Wood County families in transition due to domestic violence. All cases are completely confidential and quality care of the pet(s) are ensured. If you are a survivor of domestic violence, and have pet(s) that you need help sheltering until you are able to make arrangements for them to be back in your life, please contact the Cocoon Shelter at 419-352-1545 or 800-472-9411, so that they may get into contact with us. Click here to be redirected to their webpage.
*Please note: Any medical expenses incurred during the pet(s) stay with the Wood County Humane Society are the family’s responsibility to pay when the pet(s) are redeemed.*