Stray Cats and Kittens

WCHS only accepts animals (by appointment) brought in by their owners or caregivers; in the case of stray cats. 

If you have a stray cat or any other stray animal and live within Perrysburg or Bowling Green city limits, you will need to contact your Animal Control Officer for further instruction. Perrysburg Animal Control: 419-874-4321, Bowling Green Animal Control: 419-352-2571.

If you live outside of Perrysburg or Bowling Green City limits and have an injured or ill stray cat, please contact us to set up an appointment to assess the extent of the cat’s injury and/or illness.

If you are contacting us after hours about an injured or ill stray cat and you feel that it is a life or death emergency for the cat, please contact the Wood County Sheriff’s Office at 419-354-9001so they may get in contact with us.   

If you have a kitten or litter of kittens that are still dependent upon their mother, don’t panic! Put them back where you found them, and keep an eye on them for the next hour or two. Mother cats often leave their litters to go in search of food. Depending upon the age of the kittens, mothers can be gone for an hour or two on and off through out the day, and longer as the kittens become more mobile. Kittens stand their best chance in life being raised by their mothers. If the mother doesn’t come back in that time frame, or the litter appears extremely ill, please contact us by phone to set up an appointment for us to assess the kittens needs.